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October 28-30, 2018
MACRAO 82nd Annual Conference at Camden on the Lake

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MACRAO Listserve Instructions

How to Subscribe to List:

  1. Send e-mail to Leave the subject line blank.
  2. Type in the body of the message: subscribe MACRAO first_name last_name. Remove any tag lines or signature files.

How to Unsubscribe:
  1. Send e-mail to Leave the subject line blank.
  2. Type in the body of the message: unsubscribe MACRAO. Remove any tag lines or signature files.

    LISTSERV will automatically pull your e-mail address out of the message; you don't need to include it. You must always send messages to the list from the original e-mail account you used to subscribe.

How to Post Message to List:
Send email to:
If you want to post messages to list MACRAO, you should direct your emails to, not LISTSERV@PO.MISSOURI.EDU.

If you wish to send requests to the list server, please do not send them to the list -- they will not be processed. Instead direct them to LISTSERV@PO.MISSOURI.EDU. Requests sent to LISTSERV@PO.MISSOURI.EDU should be placed in the body of the email message, not the Subject. ListProc ignores requests in the Subject field. You can, however, put as many requests as you like in one mail message; each request should be on a line by itself. If your request is too long for your mailer to handle, you can break it in multiple lines, but each line should end with the character & (ampersand).

Who to Contact
The listís owner is He is your contacts for any problems.

What About Passwords
You will be assigned an initial password that can be changed. You are warned NOT to use your login password as this is not a secure mechanism. This password is to be used when connecting to this server over the Internet for interactive processing of requests (send a 'help live' request for more information) or when you wish to change the your subscription address.

How to Get More Help
For more information on how to use the service, please send a request to LISTSERV@PO.MISSOURI.EDU. First line of message should be "HELP".